Emergency Business Funding: Business Plan Access and Navigation Webinar

The Banks and Government are Going to Want to See a Plan - Thing is - You Need a New One Anyway.

Whether you are intending to apply for some of the money promised to help Canadian businesses through the pandemic of COVID-19 or not, chances are, your business needs to make some course corrections and re-examine everything.

Join us on a complimentary webinar Friday March 27 @ 9am @ 10am MST where we will let you know how you can access the business plan builder, and walk you through quickly how to use it.

On this webinar, host and facilitator Donnie Hall will cover:

--> critical keys to giving the best chance at receiving some of the stimulus money, or loans in general
--> a checklist for communications preparedness
--> priority areas of your plan that must be reconsidered
--> live tour and demo on how to use and navigate the business plan

There is nothing normal about today - that is what makes this so frightening, but also so great because for the first time - maybe in history the entire world is on the same playing field of change, unknown and not knowing what's coming next. Not even our Governments' know.

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What will help us win is how fast and with what level of intentionality are we willing to adapt, shift and reset course. Make plans, keep living but there is no more "what we normally do" - any more - this is your chance show everyone what it means to leave normal behind and move forward with courage.

In business, missing out on loans and grants and getting money from any source, has everything to do with missing information, unclear base assumptions, and an overall lackluster presentation, and nothing to do with a lack of ideas or ability.

This webinar is designed to help you walk away with the tools and information you need to take action and update your plan and demonstrate your confidence to your investors, team, and customers.

Your Facilitator and Host: Donnie Hall

Certified ActionCOACH, at Action Edge Business Coaching, Donnie is one of Calgary's top business coaches, facilitators, and leading mentors on the business plan generator.

"I'm happy to announce the unanimous decision made by our team to, effective immediately, release access to our world leading, real-time Business Plan Builder complimentary to all Calgary BIA members to assist with funding requirements and re-calibrating of tactical priorities through these unprecedented times."

Hosted by:

Donnie Hall

Whatever you thought 2020 was going to look like ... it’s not that anymore

Your business will need to make some changes, and make them now if you want to survive ...

Now is not the time to panic, which will only get in the way of what you need to be doing. While it's completely understandable to be worried, your best bet is to channel that anxious energy and get prepared NOW ...

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